NYDA Deputy Chairperson spends 67mins at BOSASA Youth Development Centre

Often, young people resort to criminal behaviour and activities as a way of suppressing their despair within the context of poverty, unemployment and abuse. NYDA Deputy Chairperson, Mr. Kenny Morolong, is passionate about their plight and is committed to the successful rehabilitation of young offenders into society.
Mr. Morolong dedicated his 67 minutes, along with NYDA staff, to motivating the young men at the BOSASA Youth Development Centre in Krugersdorp. It is through the BOSASA development centres that care and rehabilitation is offered to young people between the ages of 14 and 17.
The Deputy Chair advised the youth at BOSASA not to give in to the challenges that they currently face as young offenders. He advised them to make use of this time spent at BOSASA, as Mandela did during his time in prison, to learn and strengthen their confidence to re-join their communities.
Children at BOSASA receive training in skills such as brick-laying, furniture-making, welding, plumbing, catering, arts and craft, sewing and computer training. As part of the NYDA’s commitment to increasing the participation of South Africa’s youth in the country’s economy, career guidance counselling was offered to the boys by NYDA, on the various career options that are available to them, and which are relevant to the skills which they have acquired at BOSASA.
Young people of South Africa, today, enjoy many freedoms that youth living during the apartheid era did not have.  Although access to these liberties has improved the lives of many, numerous young people continue to live in challenging circumstances. It was the NYDA’s honour to have spent time with the boys at BOSASA and also to have assisted with the continued the fight against crime and substance abuse.

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