Products and Services

Full-service branches

Full-service branches are nationwide walk-in centres that provide relevant information and access to NYDA products and services.

Career Guidance  

The NYDA Career Guidance service strives to help young people successfully manage their career development and path. It consists of 3 key categories with related sub-categories: Know Yourself, After School, and Start a Business.

JOBS Database and Matching Service  
Targeted at young people seeking employment and related opportunities, this service uses NYDA’s Jobs and Opportunities Seekers’ Database (JOBS) to link opportunity seekers and providers alike.

Youth Co-operatives 
This supports youth co-operatives by conducting Gap analysis and Needs assessment. These are analysed on: Organisational analysis, Process analysis, Job performer analysis as well as Inter-activeness analysis level. This service further facilitates business development support, capacity building, and access to capital finance. 
Youth Volunteering  

NYDA has a partnership with the Flemish Government to inculcate the culture of volunteering among South African youth, thus Up-scaling and promoting youth volunteering in Civil Society Organisations.

Business Opportunities Support Services 

The Business Opportunities Support Service (BOSS) is one of NYDA’s business development programmes to enhance youth participation in the mainstream economy by assisting youth entrepreneurs.

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